Sunday, March 14, 2010


The new I-tab is a revolutionary invention for guitar players. It is a tablet that is attachable to the top of your guitar ( the "head") and it displays all the chords, tablature (used for guitar solos or normal riffs [significant parts of songs]), and lyrics for a song. It is perfect for gigs, friendly reunions, and also solo learning. I-tab is also practical, it is a 5" touch screen with in-built speaker and headphones. Also, I-tab has a 4GB memory that gives you plenty of room to organise your songs into handy playlists and build your own song library.


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My Opinion:
I, as a guitar player, think that this invention is very handy because when i am with my friends and they ask for a song i can immediately look at my i-tab ( if i had one =] ) and learn it and play it there. It looks funny when you look at the name"i"-tab but it has nothing to do with the Apple industries. I would love to have one but sadly it costs 200$ and it is only available in the US for now...

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

This looks like it'd be great for practicing, learning and sharing new songs, but I think it would feel like cheating if I saw some one performing with one.