Sunday, March 28, 2010

David Guetta "new single"

David Guetta will remix his song "Gettin' Over" and make it "Gettin' Over You"(yes, weird but it's true). This new rendition of David Guetta's song will be officially published in April 13 (2 days before Martin and Christian's birthday, and 3 days before Caio's birthday, maybe David Guetta did that as a pre-birthday gift... maybe...). For the voices of the song: Fergie, Chris Willis, and LMFAO will be participating; their voices will certainly spice the song up. The old song "Gettin' Over"was on the latest album called One Love which contained most of his new famous songs (very good cd... buy it =] ). Fortunately the song has already been published on Youtube so I can post it here.

David Guetta ft. Fergie, Chris Willis, and LMFAO

my opinion:
great song!

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