Sunday, March 21, 2010

B.B King in São Paulo

it was once said that B.B King was going to retire, but he has decided to play until his age won't permit him. B.B king a 84 year old blues men preformed live in Via funchal in são paulo this Saturday 20/03. His show was mostly a sit-down show from his part (well, we can't argue about that, he is 84 years old) but nevertheless, the great blues master can't be underestimated. he sung his famous songs and also was very kind and funny at times during the show. The show was 2 hours long, but he didn't sing the whole 2 hours. He talked a lot during this presentation, he was comic at times and sentimental at times saying that 3 years away from Brazil was too long. At the end the show was a success and all his fans went crazy with his marvelous, extraordinary, original guitar skills.

picture taken from this site

my opinion:

i didn't get to go to his show but I wanted a lot. B.B King is one of the most influential blues men there ever was in history. He not only inspired amateur guitar players as he also inspired many famous players, such as John Mayer. He is a blues legend and is sad to say that he is nearly not playing anymore because at the age of 84 it is hard to travel around the world and give shows.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Any idea when he might come back to Sao Paulo, or when you might get to travel and see him?

Kevin Yoon said...

no miss... i really wanted to see him... but he is old now and i think that it is hard for him to travel around the world =) ....