Friday, October 9, 2009

Guitar prices in Brazil...

Imagine yourself having the famous Gibson Les Paul at your house, when everytime you come in you see that guitar and can feel pride for that accomplishment, ( the buying of that guitar).
In Brazil that accomplishment is far off reality, Guitars that cost (in the USA) 400$costs about 1500R$ in any brazilian music store. Of course there is the dollar change which is about 1,9$ but even with that change the cost of a guitar here in brazil is absurd. We also should take in consideration the tax fees that we have to pay for the guitar is a USA product, which at maximum costs about 200R$.
Even with all that taxes and dollar change the prices of the guitars here in brazil is way off what any normal class people can buy.
Lets do the math for instance...

400x1,9+200= 960

It's incredible how the market here in brazil can add up 540R$ for no reason apparently.
Lets compare a normal standard Epiphone Les Paul in the USA ( a intermediate guitar in the USA) with a normal standard Epiphone Les Paul here in Brazil.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain-Top = 915$ (USA)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain-Top = 2.466R$ ( BRAZIL)

well thats something to think of...

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

That is pretty rough. Maybe the 540R$ is transportation costs? Still absurd, I know.