Monday, October 5, 2009

Gibson x Epiphone

Most people think that Gibson Guitar Cooperation is older than the Epiphone Musical Instruments, but thats not true. Epiphone used to be a very famous bass making company (which later on had inovating ideas to also manufacture guitars), is was so famous that almost all the basses in the market (the good and expensive ones) were epiphone. Gibson eventually got involved in a clash with the fender company (which exists until today as the 2 most prestigious brands). Fender used to have a very good all-around company while gibson had a very concentrated guitar company. In May 1957, Gibson had an offer to buy Epiphone for $20,000 and as the battle for the market was still on gibson bought epiphone now owing the best bass company in those days.
Today, Gibson is a very well rounded company which exceeds in most areas and so does Fender. The clash is less dramatic now a days but the fight for the best quality and preference is still going on.
In my opinion, today, epiphone is cheaper because gibson owns it so its quality and performance were decreased used to the place in the market against its own owner. Epiphone is way cheaper so its better to have a epiphone than to have a gibson in economic status. But of course higher qualities are always better...

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