Sunday, February 21, 2010


Axé is a brazilian music genre which is safe to say that it can entertain almost all Brazilians. Axé was created in Bahia in 1980, and it is very popular during the carnaval week. Today Axé music is attributed to all the music that come from Bahia.
The meaning of the word Axé, in the religion candomblé and umbanda, means positive energy. With media, Axé was quickly spread throughout Brazil. The most common way of "spreading" was the "Micaretas" ("shows" of axé music)

Popular Axé artists and one of their songs for example of axé are:
Claudia Leitte

Ivete Sangalo

I personally like axé, it is not my favorite genre of music but its nice to go to micaretas (which i went on the carnaval). i like the rhythms and the guitar playing behind the songs.

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