Sunday, November 8, 2009

How The Beatles Destroyed Rock n' Roll

Elijah Wald has written a book about "how the beatles destroyed rock n' roll".
He states that rock and roll before the beatles were all about:
  • dancing
  • doing live shows
  • women going to shows
  • and considered a "black" genre of music
after the boys from liverpool, rock n' roll became:
  • mostly for record listning
  • just listling
  • mostly men going to the shows
  • and considered a white genre music.

I think that it is a very interesting approach to thinking about the beatles history. Everyone always says how they revolutionized music and make everything beautiful, but that's only like that because it is told by fans not by the real information.
I have no option but to agree because they are vivid facts about the beatles music and it is very interesting to look at history like that.
Most people would have never thought about this fact, just like caroline kurzweil. I told her about this and she scold at me saying I was wrong and that it was impossible that the beatles destroyed rock. Mathias Brotero disagreed with the facts but after we explained the facts clearly he understood and "accepted" the facts.


Marina Grasso said...

i dont agree at all to what elijah said!
they are a legend and hes just jealous. i bet he wanted to be a rockstar but someone destroyed his dreams. haha

Kevin Yoon said...

as i sayed... people like marina don't accept the fact of what really happened...

Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Sure, maybe rock started out one way, but could it have continued that way even if the Beatles had never appeared? It's an interesting perspective.